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Ann Berger (Dinnerstein)

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10/04/14 12:49 PM #1    

Susan Geclewicz (Lane)

I haven't seen Annie since we graduated from high school, but we were really good friends as young kids.  We'd ride bikes together and have sleep overs.  I remember her house and parents and brother.  I have never stopped thinking of her.  I don't know why, but she was an integral part of my youth.  One of those people who you just want to catch up with once in a while.  I'm so sad that she's not with us.  I don't know what she died of, but I do know that it was awhile ago. 

Annie, I miss you and the thought of you brings tears to my eyes.  Susan (Gelewicz) Lane

10/06/14 08:59 AM #2    

Wayne Ortner

That's a nice sentiment Susan.  Sorry to hear the news!

10/07/14 12:53 PM #3    

Kenneth Hersh

Ann and I actually spent our early years together on Greenwood Ave before we moved to Lakeview Dr when I was in kindegarten. I remember hanging out at her house and I think we went to nursery school together at the Jewish Center. How is it possible I can remember this stuff, but where the hell did I put my car keys?

10/08/14 07:14 AM #4    

Robert Hirschhorn

I remember Ann well---also living on Greenwood Avenue, we'd sometimes walk to Pleasantdale School. She was a sweet girl.  Where have all the years gone?   

10/08/14 07:31 AM #5    

Amy Friedman

I remember going to Pine Grove Camp in the summers and Ann was my bunkmate!  She was a gentle soul.  I'm with do I remember these things and yet the day to day mundane escapes me!

10/08/14 12:21 PM #6    

Susan Geclewicz (Lane)

I remember playing with all of you guys back in the day.  I remember where you lived and riding my bike down the steep hills that Amy and Robert lived on.  I'd never have the guts to do that today!  I'm wondering if any of you have heard anything about Cathy Simon.  Haven't heard a word about her since graduating.  She lived near Robert Hirschhorrn.  I would love to know what's happened to her.


10/08/14 03:00 PM #7    

Lynn Katz (Galatz)

After getting married and moving into a house in West Orange, our backyard neighbors walked over to say hello. It was Ann and her husband! She was a great neighbor and gone way too soon! 

Kenny... I remember walking to school with you, think it was kindergarten...and getting hit with your lunch

Susan... Remember lots of time spend at your house, with your parents and sisters. Are you on Facebook? If not, maybe you should join. You'll see lots of us there.


10/08/14 04:52 PM #8    

Lois Kabot (Kozlow)

I remember Ann  well....she was just a "nice" soul......does anyone know what she died of? It's scary that so many of us have passed. 

10/09/14 11:51 AM #9    

Susan Geclewicz (Lane)

Yes, I am on Facebook.  Susan Lane.  Scottsdale.  There must be a million Susan Lane's, but I'd love to be contacted by some old school mates.  I'm not really great at using the site.

10/22/16 06:53 PM #10    

Jill Geisman (Budney)

This is from Lenny Dinnerstein, who was Anne's husband:  

I started dating when she was a junior in high school, so many of her classmates knew me. We were married for 31 years & have two great kids. We raised our kids in West Orange & both graduated from WOHS. I have two beautiful granddaughters, which unfortunately Ann did not live to see. The oldest is named for her. We lost Ann to breast cancer in 2004. Ann was a wonderful wife & mother. She was only 51 years old.   

Lenny Dinnerstein. 

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